In the UK we celebrate fireworks night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. This is one of my favourite celebrations. Seeing the sky explode in different colours is something quite spectacular. This day is in honour of a historical event known as ‘The gun powder plot.’ During Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, she created some laws against Roman Catholics in which Guy Fawkes amongst other Catholics protested. Those who did not attend a Protestant church on a Sunday were fined. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, many Catholics were hoping that King James I would be more accepting of Catholicism. However, this was not the case. So, in protest they wanted revenge and they wanted it good.  

They decided that violence was the answer. Thirteen men plotted to kill the newly reigned King. Their answer; blowing up the houses of Parliament. On the 5th of November King James I was due to open the Houses of Parliament. 36 barrels of gun powder were hidden in the cellar all set for the big explosion. The men decided that the leader of this group of extremists should be the one to detonate them all. This man was called Guy Fawkes. But did they succeed with their mission that would result in being a mass murder? No luckily, they didn’t. Violence is never the answer! One of the thirteen men rethought the plan and felt that it wasn’t okay to cause harm to innocent people. He wrote an anonymous letter to a friend warning him to be scarce from the Houses of Parliament on this day. This letter managed to find its way to the King and the King’s forces put a stop to this matter immediately. Guy Fawkes at the time was in the cellar ready to light the gun powder and was caught and tortured to death along with the other men who were in on this plot. To celebrate King James I survival, bonfires were lit, and fireworks were set off.  

Luckily today, we live in a more accepting society than back in the 16th century. In England, we are a multi-cultural society.  We have places of worship for all religions as it is important to accept all! 

 If you ever visit England and happen to be there on the 5th of November. You would be silly not to check out a fireworks display! Far and wide across all of England, the sky will light for one weekend portraying an array of vibrant colours and powerful bangs. Although it is extremely cold around this time in England, fear not as the warmth of the bonfires they set alight and hot chocolates and doughnuts on offer will warm you up in no time! Be sure to wrap up warm!

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